Space saving solutions for a small bathroom….

The bathroom is fast becoming one of our favourite rooms in the home, yet it is also one of the smallest rooms in the home. This can sometimes be a challenge when it comes to choosing bathroom products. So what products and tips can help to overcome these spacing issues???

Here are a few of my space saving suggestions, looking at the different areas of the bathroom……

Look at space saving showering solutions

A stylish and modern solution is a bath replacement style enclosure, allowing you to remove the bath and replace it with an ultra modern walk-in. There are a range of these on the market; some match the footprint of a standard UK bath exactly, allowing you to remove the bath and directly replace it with a spacious enclosure. If you are looking to create more space in the bathroom you could remove the bath and replace it with a more compact walk-in which takes up less space. Why not team the enclosure with a low-level tray, or install it straight-to-floor, for a truly minimalist look!

For those of you who don’t want to sacrifice their bath (you love your long hot soaks in a bubble bath too much!), there are now a range of solutions available to fit an enclosure into a smaller space. Often entry to the enclosure may be restricted by other bathroom furniture, with the space outside the shower preventing the door from fully opening. The perfect solution for this situation is to choose an inward opening door, such as a bi-fold or sliding door. These are usually available in a range of sizes, to allow for any space.

Alternatively if you have more area to spare in the centre of the bathroom, with a lack of space on the walls, there are space saving quadrants available. These take up minimal wall space, but cleverly bow into the centre of the bathroom, to utilise that often unused part. This gives a larger showering area, whist allowing for other bathroom furniture or windows.

Another flexible and stylish alternative is to install a wetroom. You can simply tank out the entire room and install a discreet panel to act as a water deflector, preventing the entire bathroom from becoming drenched. Wetroom panels are available in a range sizing options and are compatible for both a corner and straight wall setting. You can place the panel as near to, or as far away from the wall as required, enabling you to use your available space in the best way possible.

If you are unfortunate to have a bathroom that truly is too small to allow for both a bath and a separate shower enclosure, the ideal compromise is to install a shower positioned over the bath. In this situation, a bath screen is a must, and there is now a massive choice in styles of bath screens. Alongside the different aesthetic choices, some bath screens are also approved for use with power showers, so the strength of the shower need not be compromised.

Integrated water delivery is a new innovation and is essential for when space is at a premium and there is lack of wall space for a shower valve. There are shower enclosures designed with the water delivery incorporated into the enclosure. This brings the enclosure and the valve together as one complete attractive unit. The valve can be incorporated into the bracing of the enclosure and is a contemporary way to turn the practical bracing into a striking design feature. Alternatively it can be bolted through the glass panel, allowing the valve to be operated from inside and outside of the enclosure. This is very much a growing trend.

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