Cheap, Chic Bathrooms

While bathrooms are now considered high-fashion items, few of us can afford to replace our bathroom as often as our wardrobe. It is apparent that many of us want to spruce up our existing bathroom but do not want to undergo a complete bathroom re-fit, mainly due to the expense! However, there are a number of products and ways you can lift a tired and dull bathroom without breaking the bank.

Bathroom & Tile Paint

There are lots of new painting products out in the shops at the moment that are designed specifically for bathroom climates. Choose neutral and warm colours to transform your dull bathroom into a tranquil spa-like sanctuary, with calm sea blues and duck egg blues. Alternatively, make a statement in the bathroom and opt for bold bright summery colours that create the wow factor. A great tip is to carry colour onto the ceiling to keep it from looking broken up. Dulux room ideas are a great place to find some inspiration for painting your bathroom.

On the other hand, if it’s your bathroom tiles that are causing you a headache but you don’t have the funds to completely re-tile, there is a wide choice of tile paints out there at the moment. These paints are usually at least ten times tougher and ten times more shower resistant than conventional water-based satin paints, which means that they won’t peel off in areas continually soaked with water. You should opt for one that is a self-undercoating, quick drying and re-coat able within 4 hours.

Bath Screens & Shower Curtains

If you want to spruce up your showering area and you have a shower over the bath, bath screens are a reasonably priced and immediate why to lift your bathroom and with such a wide range of choice- you will find it difficult to choose! Over the bath showering products have become very design-led, (but without the designer price tag!) following similar trends to shower enclosures. Like shower enclosures, clear glass and bright silver framing is the key trend. There are also many bath screens available which are compatible for use with power-showers, so you can still benefit from powerful showering whilst over the bath.

Fold away bath screens are an ideal choice for those who still enjoy bathing on a regular basis, or for the family home where there is young children – giving you full access to the length of the bath when bathing them. Another popular style is a shower bath teamed with a specialist curved bath screen. These offer you more standing space at the showering end. There is the option of a single curved bath-screen, or alternatively a curved screen and hinged door combination, for truly enclosed showering.

For those on a tight budget, many manufacturers now offer a range of bath screens which are at a more affordable price. These tend to look more stylish than a shower curtain and also contain the water much more effectively. With so much choice, there is something to suit you no matter what your taste or budget.

But if you can’t accommodate a bath screen then opt for a stylish new shower curtain. The latest trends are for oriental inspired curtains with striking floral prints with subtle elements of colour to lift the overall mood of your bathroom. For those of you who are more comfortable selecting more neutral shades, opt for a soft cream or crisp white curtain but with a textured pattern.

Egyptian cotton towels, Stainless Steel Bathroom Bin, Chrome Bathroom Towel Rail

Egyptian cotton towels, Stainless Steel Bathroom Bin, Chrome Bathroom Towel Rail


Bathroom accessories are one of the easiest and cheapest ways to lift a tired looking and dated bathroom. You can easily transform your bathroom with a new colour scheme, through a new set of bathroom towels neatly stacked on a towel stand, shelf or carefully hung over the bath or radiator. Make sure you opt of a sumptuously soft set of towels manufactured from 100% Egyptian cotton with a deep 680gsm, as a good quality towel will last a lot longer and will remain in its original condition.

Why not replace your existing bathroom storage solutions by adding a new shower basket, bathroom cabinet or linen basket. They make for great bathroom features and cleverly double up as essential storage. The latest trends are for mirrored cabinets that reflect the light and create the illusion of space, combined with bamboo and natural wood. To add an instant lift to your sink area opt for a new collection of soap dispenser’s, tumbler’s and soap dishes in a colour to complement your towels and bath mat choice. The latest designs are for frosted glass and crisp white combinations which create a fresh clean look. For those of you who are brave and have a love for colour go for styles that incorporate stripes or patterns rather than a solid colour.


If you have the budget to stretch to updating your window area, a new blind is a must have. Select a Venetian blind as these are more suited to bathroom climates and are much easier to clean. Metallic or wooden Venetian blinds are key this summer, make you’re sure they match your choice of bathroom furniture.

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