Enchanting Home Fragrances

Even if the sun isn’t always shining you can inject a subtle and sumptuous scent of summer with the introduction of scented candles and room diffusers. Home fragrances are now so sophisticated that they can capture the natural essence of an endless variety of scents, and infuse all rooms of the home. So how can you evoke memories of sunny days, relaxing Sunday’s and add unseen beauty to your home without weighing it down with overpowering fragrances………

Choose a fragrance personal to you

Choose a fragrance that you are familiar and comfortable with, that way the fragrance you select is guaranteed to create a wonderful aroma gently permeating every room. Our homes have a natural odour that will react to supplemental scents that we introduce into them. Finding the right scent is like selecting your personal signature fragrance.

Wax Lyrical Blissful Sundays Candles and Diffusers

Wax Lyrical Blissful Sundays Candles and Diffusers

Choose a different fragrance for each room

Different scents should be used for different areas of the home. For entrance halls and for the stairs and landing, a delicate scent infused with fig and a hint of herbs and spices replicating the great outdoors is ideal. Roman at Home’s Garden of Eden scented homemade candles capture the essence of a gentle stroll through the garden which spoils the senses with a true escape to the outdoors. This provides an uplifting and welcoming aroma to what should be an inviting and accommodating space for all. Similarly, Roman at Home’s In the Park Aroma Diffuser releases a fragrance to encourage you to lose yourself in the great outdoors, with a naturally floral scent which is beautifully supported by sweet citrus top notes and a hint of musk.

For the living room opt for an aroma containing a creative blend of the comforting and warming scent of vanilla with contemporary notes of oriental musk, mimosa and amber. These sensual scents add a warm and elegant feeling to what should be a relaxing and unwinding space. Roman at Home’s Blissful Sundays aroma diffuser and candle is a prefect combination for creating a relaxing Sunday afternoon atmosphere any day of the week. The Angel scented candle is a perfect choice for the living area and bedroom, blended with dewberry, jasmine, lily, rose, patchouli, musk and amber, all finished off with a hint of creamy chocolate it encourages you to relax the mind and drift with the clouds away from the hustle and bustle of modern day life.

For the kitchen and dining areas of the home choose an aroma that will not overpower the scent of food. Citrus scents are a perfect addition, as they gently draw out any bad food odours without overpowering. Let the sun shine on you to stimulate your senses and bring you to life with Roman at Home’s Shine fragranced candle collection; a refreshingly citrus escape. An infusion of armoise, grapefruit, bergamot, lemon, woody florals, rich amber and warm musk creates a truly refreshing and awakening treat for the mind, body and soul. It will gently fragrance the kitchen whilst keeping out any unwanted odours.

For the bathroom your chosen scent needs to create a relaxing spa-like sanctuary. Roman at Home’s Bathtime aroma diffuser releases sparkling top notes of citrus, a hint of clean freshness, suggestions of apple peel and fresh florals with a background of crisp spice- perfect for a little me time in an indulgent bath. For the ultimate at home spa experience why not light one of Roman at Home’s tantalising Bathtime fragranced candle and create an unwinding and calming ambience.

Eden Melt Candles

Eden Melt Candles

The demand to fragrance our homes has risen dramatically over the last 2 years, especially those amongst us who are pet owners. This has seen a massive increase in the number of home fragrances on the market, with an endless choice of air fresher’s, sprays, plug in air fresher’s, candles and diffusers. However, some of these home fragrances contain a large number of chemicals and can be potentially harmful when inhaled on a daily basis. Handmade candles and diffusers infused with natural aromatherapy oils are the most natural way to gently fragrance your living space.

Opt for high quality handmade candles which will have a long lasting burning time, whilst gently adding energising aromas to your surroundings. In terms, of choosing a good quality diffuser, make sure you select one which is mainly made up of essential oils and incorporates thick generously sized reeds. Both methods are attractive, affordable and great mood enhancers. Once you light a tantalising Roman at Home candle or arrange a diffuser, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.

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