Environmentally Friendly and Panda Friendly Bamboo Body Care

The demand for eco-friendly products is on the rise and here are a few tips to help revamp your not-so-green body care collection into a stylish, environmentally and panda friendly one…

Bamboo is an increasingly popular choice of material for towels, loofahs, scrubs and buffers. We all know bamboo body care products are a luxurious addition to any bathroom, but please spare a thought for the poor pandas who may have sacrificed their dinner for your little luxury!

When purchasing any bamboo product, make sure it’s made from a type of bamboo commonly referred to as ‘Moso Bamboo’. Pandas don’t eat Moso bamboo, mainly because they tend to feed from smaller bamboo species which grow far away from the Moso bamboo areas.

So now you’ve found your Panda friendly Moso bamboo headbands, loofahs, buffers and whatever else you might have chosen, how do you know if it’s environmentally friendly?

Well Moso bamboo is harvested every year without decreasing the size of the forest. Moso bamboo takes five years to grow to maturity and each year each stem sprouts several new stems which are harvested when five years old. Regular harvesting actually improves the bamboo’s growing power, so as far as sustainability goes it’s perfectly manageable

So…next time you’re considering a purchase of any bamboo item, make sure it’s Moso bamboo!

Bamboo Products

Bamboo Products

Choose Roman at Home for a fantastic range of eco-friendly body care products. Our bamboo body care range is made from Moso bamboo and other products in the range are made with FSC certified wood.

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