March Spotlight: Easter & British Delights


Victory Tea, based in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, blend and pack their teas in the UK then seal in foil for freshness to then sell in bulk (but packed in foil sachets of 40 for freshness) direct to the consumer. This saves the average household up to 50% off the equivalent tea brands. Find out how much you can save with their Cuppa Calculator! You can try their tea with a Sample box like we did in the office – it came in it’s very own 100% recyclable card box too.

Victory Tea

The largest chocolate Easter egg in the Guiness Book of Records was in 2011, at 10.39m high, weighed 7,200kgs and made by Tosca in Italy.

Feeling All British

If you can’t wait (like us!) for our Best of British range of products to be launched this Easter, then we’ve got a few beautiful British Inspired products already on our website. We’ve introduced a new selection of designs and patterns to our existing Jason Placemats & Coasters collection.

Streets of London is a fantastic selection of 6 designs featuring different aspects and landmarks of London in all their glory. Perfect gift for ex-Londeners who now live in the rest of the UK.

Rural Dreams is a British Countryside inspired selection of 6 designs with delightful hints of the past and scenes of british seaside and country in beautiful bright colours and styles.

Jason Placemats

It’s reported that in 2010* the average 10-14 yr old consumed 13 Easter Eggs each!

Eggcelent Fact

Creme Eggs…

Creme Eggs are one of the biggest selling chocolate confectionary sold in the UK with over 200million sold each ‘season’ which runs from 1st January to Easter.

Cadbury Creme Egg

It’s current form was established in 1963, but Cadburys did do a chocolate filled egg as early as 1920s. The ‘How do you eat Yours’ campagin started way back in 1985!

At Home at Easter …

Real Steel Film

Real Steel is a great movie, and one for older kids (and Dads too) over Easter. A story of an ex Boxer training boxing robots and overcoming the odds while looking after his estranged son for the summer. A good all round film, and bound to keep the big kids quiet for a few hours over Easter.

Rated 12
DVD: £9.00
Blu Ray: £14.99

Tip of the Month

1st Tip: The clocks go forward this weekend (Sunday the 25th March). If like me, you struggle to remember if it is forward or backwards when the clocks change, remember this rule…

SPRING forward

FALL back

So the clocks turn back in the Fall (Autumn to you and me!) and go forward in the spring!

2nd Tip: Why not make chocolate rice crispy cakes with the easter eggs the kids have left over. Means the kids don’t gorge on more chocolate and it’s a nice Easter Holiday activity to enjoy.

We Love these!

One of the most beautiful necklaces from Avon, the Empowerment Circle of Support Necklace, with all proceeds going to domestic violence charities > read more.

Avon Necklace

£3.50 from Avon

Sew Book

What we’re reading…

sew! By Cath Kidston

With over 40 sewing ideas and projects, and plenty of templates and guides this book is a great buy for Easter. This version includes a Cath Kidston needle case and needles as well as 7 templates, motifs and paper pattern sheet. Throughout the book a simple thimble guide lets you know the difficultly level (1 thimble for easy through to 3 for tricky). You can learn to create everything from a bird baby mobile to an apron. A perfect gift for someone who is getting into needlecraft.

From £9.00 (Paperback) with ISBN 1844007561



*02/04/2012, Easter 2010: Children ‘gorge on 2.5kg of chocolate’ article by the Telegraph

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