May Spotlight: Bath Towel Special

Lead Photo Here at Roman at Home one of our favourite bathroom items is the bathroom towel. Picking the perfect towel not only means indulgent bathing, but they can also add to your bathroom design if you pick a coordinating colour. Towels can be a complicated business, so here’s a quick rundown of all you need to know to pick your perfect bathroom linen match…

Egyptian Cotton

What exactly does Egyptian Cotton mean?

Egyptian Cotton Towels have a long thick loop which makes them super absorbent and soft. If you are looking for a luxurious and indulgent towel then Egyptian Cotton is the must have for your bathroom.

Egyptian Cotton Towels

They have a long life span and wash well so are very much worth the investment. There are other alternatives available, such as your standard synthetic towels and waffle towels, but these are not as absorbent and have a shorter life span. All towels available from Roman at Home are 100% luxury Egyptian Cotton.

Towel Sizes

You should aim to allocate each member of the family two bath sheets and two bath towels so that they always have one of each when the other is in the wash. In terms of hand towels, a couple per bathroom is fine.

There is a variety of towel sizes available including:

Bath Sheets

Bath Sheets

  • Usually around 100 x 150cm
  • Perfect for drying off your entire body and wrapping yourself up in.

Bath Towels

Bath Towel

  • Usually around 70 x 140cm
  • These are slightly smaller, are great for everyday use and perfect for packing into a bag if travelling.
  • The smaller size of these also makes them ideal for wrapping up long hair after washing.

Hand Towels

Hand Towel

  • Usually 50 x 90cm
  • Which is ideal for drying your hands and face on and can also be great for wrapping up your hair in.

Guest Towels

Guest Towels

You will also need guest towels and if you like to show your best side off to visitors, then make sure they are Egyptian Cotton towels.

What Colour to Choose?

This all comes down to the colour scheme and look you are going for in your bathroom.

Blue Towels

If you have gone for a traditional bathroom feel and look, then some light blue towels may complement this – they particularly fit in with nautical colour schemes.

White Towels

If you are trying to achieve a boutique feel, then bright white towels can help to create this – these will complement any bathroom colour scheme whether you have gone dark, light or neutral.

Cream TowelsLatte Towels

If you prefer neutrals, then choose towels that tone with the tiles, paint or flooring – you can go for soft cream towels or a latte towels for example. These look particularly stunning with travertine and natural stone tiling.

Gift Ideas

Towel BaleA towel bale makes a perfect wedding gift or new home moving in gift. Treat them to an Egyptian Cotton Towel Bale for the ultimate in luxury.

And finally: Caring for you Towels…

When you first buy your towels
you should always wash them.
When washing towels, don’t use fabric
softener as it will decrease the towels
ability to absorb water.
To make your towels super fluffy you can tumble dry them, but if you have your eye on the environment, line drying your towels can give them a fantastic feeling of freshness. Don’t iron towels as this can
make them stiff and scratchy
and also make them
less absorbent.

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