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We held a right royal competition in May to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of our Queen, with nearly 400 entrants and countless brilliant answers to our question ‘What makes you proud to be British’ we’ve picked a winner.

We were amazed and very proud at the whelth of answers with 14 answers referring to the NHS, 9 for our Armed Forces, 32 about our weather, 3 for our Stiff Upper Lip, 49 mentions of tea, 68 mentions of history & heritage, 38 about the Great British people, 63 about our Royal Family, 44 for HM Queen Elizabeth II and countless mentions of food, including 12 for just Fish & Chips, to name but a few!

The Winning Answer

R-oyal family… a sparkling sight,
O-lympic flame… shining bright,
M-ad weather… lots of ‘reign’,
A-mazing people… spirits remain,
N-ice Sunday dinner…true winner!

From Deborah Swain in Malton

Runner Ups

We’re a country that honours her Queen, And have a fabulous football team, With Wimbledon tennis, And Dennis the Menace, And cricket and tea on the green

Angela, Southport

Pride, courage, determination, loyalty and sense of humour

Ann, Malvern

Being a member of the British armed forces!

Cecelia, London

Strawberries at Wimbledon, Proms in the park, champagne picnics in an Oxford punt. The Princes and Castles and tea in a pot. Beer and chip shops, Corgies and Crowns, lakes and mountains and busy towns. Red buses and tube trains and even some rain. I even enjoy the FA Cup.

Christine, Hemel Hempstead

I love how the country comes together for events, like the Jubilee and last year’s Royal Wedding. It’s wonderful to be patriotic and I’m sure the Olympians will also make me proud to be British this summer!

Emma, Portsmouth

Fish and Chips on a rainy day lift anyone’s sprits

Jennifer, Southport

That we have a great health system the NHS – this helps my family greatly as i have two children with t1 diabetes. In any other country we would pay a fortune out for their healthcare

Kate, Cwmbran

My fiance Russell, who has qualified literally today as a police constable. He has already been awarded a commendation for his part in the London Riots as a PCSO and will now be patrolling the Olympics at Greenwich as a fully fledged beat officer! He has also used his first aid training to help many people while off duty. He makes me proud to be the wife-to-be of a British bobby! 😀

Racheal, Welling

I like to wear my Heart on my Sleeve & I couldn’t be any prouder to wear the Colours of our Queen

Andrew, Wakefield

The brave men & women who protect us makes me proud to be British. We have a rich history that gave us the “Great” in Great Britain. Our Sovereign Queen Elizabeth will be celebrating her Diamond Jubilee and I am proud to be witness to it as she represent us all. My heritage alone makes me proud to Be British. There is no other place I would rather be than my homeland Great Britain.

Debbie, Rowley Regis

Some Fab Other Answers

The smell of Fish & Chips, Ann, Portsmouth

Our great British traditions and our Royal family, Diane Cirencester

Our ability to queue!, Julia, Bromley

That such a tiny island could make such a huge impact on the world, Sarah, London

Our amazing Queen, the beautiful countryside and our historic buildings, Yvonne, Hailsham

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