August Spotlight: Baking Special

We’ve loved watching the first few episodes of the Great British Bake Off and decided to champion all things Make & Bake in this month’s special spotlight.

Great British Bake Off!

We’ve loved watching the first few episodes of the Great British Bake Off and decided to champion all things Make & Bake in this month’s special spotlight.



Get baking in the kitchen with our range of baking essentials for the kitchen as well as our extensive range of kitchen linens and aprons.

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“Pastry was originally made by the Egyptians. They made a flour and water paste to wrap around meat to soak up the juices as it cooked.”*

BestOfBritish: Sponge…

We’ve drooled over the Great British Bake off and what better way to quench our appetite than a British Sponge Cake. Not any old sponge cake either! This month’s star Best of British business is Sponge.


Created by Mark Joll & Iain Wilson in 2000, they use a range of local ingredients of the finest quality to produce some of the most mouth watering of sponge combinations including Bakewell, Chocolate, Victoria and Chocolate Orange. Every cake has its own ‘how it’s made’ outlined with ingredients, recipe and testimonials.

“Crumbs. Evidence of a Sponge moment”

You can even sample a selection in one of their wedge cake combinations or in a Baby Sponge gift box. Available as wedges, baby sponges, cakes and selections starting at just £1.99.

Worlds Tallest Cake was 33m high (108.27ft) baked by Hakasima-Nilasari Culinary School on 28th Nov 2008.**

What we’re reading…Lots of Baking Recipes!

Mary Berry’s: Perfect Victoria Sandwich

Makes 12 Slices of tasty Victoria sponge: View Recipe

Paul Hollywood’s: Eight-strand Plaited Loaf

Attempt the infamous loaf from the Great British Bake off from this Season. View Recipe

Great British Bake Off Website

Nigella Lawsons’s: Flourless Chocolate Brownies

Complete with a hot chocolate sauce! View Recipe

Mary Berry’s: Treacle Tart with woven lattice top

Serves 8 and as seen in this week’s Bake Off technical challenge: View Recipe

Hairy Bikers’: Bakewell Tart

Cook up this delicious treat for everyone to share: View Recipe

Paul Hollywood’s: Ice Fingers

Makes 12 Tasty & Sticky Finger Buns: View Recipe

For all the recipes on the current and past seasons of the Great British Bake Off visit the BBC Food’s dedicated website

At Home


We couldn’t let this month’s spotlight go without us saying to tune into the Great British Bake Off on BBC2, Tuesday nights at 8pm. You can watch missed episodes on the iPlayer.

Prepare to drool!

Cake Tips of Month

We know it might be a rare occurrence to have left-over cake or cupcakes, but we’ve got a few ideas to get left-overs used up.

1. Use up some left over cake slices or cupcakes (yes, that’s if you have leftovers that is!) by breaking them up, adding a bit of ice cream, sauce and sprinkles and stuff into a hi-ball glass… a quick desert treat for kids and adults alike.

2. Try some cake lollipops, or use as a base of a trifle, or even be adventurous and make cake ball treats, all detailed on this website.

We Love these!

Only a few months away until Children in Need, but an essential element for any school or office is a good old bake sale. Why not get your Pudsey baking essentials from Lakeland and they will also make a donation to Children in Need.

£2.99 including £1 to
Children in Need from Lakeland

*Pastry Fact from; Bake Info website

**Cake Fact from; Guinness World Records

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