Gold Pancake Day Showcase

Yesterday was Pancake Day for the UK and we set everyone a competition on Facebook & Twitter to send in their Pancake Triumphs using #goldpancake (twitter) or posting on our Facebook wall. We were overwhelmed by the response and the tasty pancake photos… so we couldn’t just pick one winner, we opt’d for a grown up & kids winner too.

The winner won an apron from our selection of kitchen linen available to buy on Roman at Home. Both the winners picked their favourite Apron and are already whisking their way to them now via the postie!

Our Main Winner was: Lorraine @littlemissnau41 on Twitter

We loved her simple, but effective Pacman inspired pancake! Lorraine wins one of our Fabulous Kitchen Aprons.

Our Runners Up Winner was: Eleanor (via her mummy @annawarner5 on Twitter)

Very creative idea of a hungry caterpillar! Eleanor wins our Gingerbread Man Kids Apron.

Mini-Pancake Showcase

We loved your entries (to many to mention them all!), so made a showcase of a handful of them below and given you a shout out too…

@lisapop01 Colourful Pancakes

@VeeJay78 Incey Wincey Spider

@jumpybilly Wreck-it Ralph

@clareandtribe World Pancakes

@north_stargirl Oats & Rye Flour Pancakes

@Jakeysmummy2006 Mr Potato Head

@HarshCryJukebox Whipped cream and Berries.

@RSollis Owl Pancake Scene

@jo4chelsea Tasty Snowman with Strawberry Scarf

@tiffanycrawfo10 Bee-Hive and Edible Pancake Flowers

Please note – all the photographs are copyright of the owner as credited.

Our Own Creations

We were creative at Roman at Home too… with our very own efforts below.

Help for Heroes Inspired Pancakes from Ally (Chocolate & Oat)

Chocolate Filled Traditional Pancakes from Julian (he was only left this month from the rest of the family taking their share!)

Step by Step the ‘Perfect’ Pancake from Scott

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