Top Five Toilet Roll Stores

Top Toilet Roll Stores

You will always find a large range of bathroom accessories and furniture on Roman at Home, however it’s always good to get an overview of the top pick products in a collection. This week’s top picks come from our top five toilet roll stores.

Top Toilet Roll Stores

1) Chrome Lift Toilet Roll Holder & Store
This is one of our best sellers due to the double functionality. Lift the holder up to pop a few rolls on the spike, and pop it down to turn it into a functional toilet roll holder. With a weighted base it’s perfect for family and small enough for a cloakroom situation.

2) White Shaker Toilet Roll Holder & Store
If you want clean and minimal look, which discreetly hides your toilet rolls, then our White Shaker effect toilet roll storage caddy is ideal. It can easily hold three average size toilet rolls, keeping them from getting dirty and out of sight.

3) Bamboo Square Toilet Roll Holder
Like our second option, the Bamboo toilet roll holder is perfect for keeping your toilet rolls out of sight, but in a nicely designed finish. Made from Bamboo, you can rest assured that the wood is from a sustainable source – making the The Bamboo Toilet Roll Holder a great eco solution for your bathroom.

4) Swivel Lift Toilet Roll Holder & Store
A new and exclusive product to Roman at Home, the swivel top is a sleek and minimalist design. The weighted base is perfect for a cloakroom and the smooth action swivel top means you can store up to four toilet rolls on the spike, and one on the holder.

5) Slimline White Shaker Cabinet
In small bathrooms and downstairs WCs space is at a premium. Sometimes a small multipurpose solution is more fitting. Our small slimline shaker cabinet can fit down the side of a sink, or toilet and you can store cleaning materials as well as a spare toilet roll or two. Keeping a small area clean and clutter free.

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