Bring some fun into your bathroom

Encourage your little ones to enjoy bath time with some of our fun bathroom accessories from Roman at Home.

Bring your bathroom to life with our various brightly coloured bath mats, which will present a fun and safe bathing environment for your children. The range includes a bright yellow duck, a vibrant pink flower , a frog with personality and a fun flip flop – each design comes in a pack of 5. These bath treads are to be stuck to the bottom of your bath to help stop your children slipping; they are slip resistant and water resistant. They incorporate suction cups on the underside so they securely fit to the bottom of the bath.


Flower Bath Mat


Duck Bath Mat


Flip Flop Bath Mat


Frog Bath Mat

Getting your children to wash their hands may take some encouragement, but we offer a helping hand with our penguin style soap dispensers. These fun and friendly soap dispensers bring a splash of colour to your bathroom, with the choice of black and white, blue and white or red and white. They are fun as well as practical as they perform perfectly as a hygienic and functional soap dispenser.


Blue Penguin Soap Dispenser


Red Penguin Soap Dispenser


Black Penguin Soap Dispenser

Keep your home organised with our amusing over the door hooks, which come in the shape of a man and a woman. You simply hook them over the door and they are ideal to have in any room of the home to hang your towels, bathrobes, coats, hats or scarfs on. The great thing about these storage hooks is that there is no need for any drilling or installation and if you decide you want to move them to a different room they won’t leave any holes or marks.

Woman Over the Door Hook

Woman Over the Door Hook

Man Over the Door Hook

Man Over the Door Hook

Keep your children entertained in the bath with some of our bath time toys. Our 3 cute yellow rubber ducks will keep your child company and are great for bobbing around the bath.

3 Yellow Rubber Ducks

3 Yellow Rubber Ducks

To persuade your children to have a more peaceful bath time, why not try this Quick n Quack Bathtime book. It is ideal for bathtime as it floats in the bath and is in the shape of a duck – great for fun and learning.

Quick n Quack Bathtime book

Quick n Quack Bathtime book

For some more entertaining accessories to add some excitement to your children’s bath time, take a look at the Kids Bath Time Range.

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