Get your garden ready for summer

Here at Roman at Home, we have everything crossed for a glorious summer with high temperatures and bright sunny days…

Dreaming of this summer, we hope to be able to sit outside and enjoy our garden and even perhaps have a bbq with family and friends.

So we thought we would share some of our garden accessories with you to make your garden beautiful for the long awaited summer months.

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PHOTO CAPTION: Traditional Rattan 4 Person Garden Patio Set

Make sure you have somewhere comfortable and stylish to sit, whilst enjoying the sunshine. We have a small collection of rattan furniture including a Contemporary Bistro 2 Seater Rattan Set; a Traditional 4 Seater Rattan Set; and a Contemporary 4 Seater Rattan Set. The classic look of this garden furniture means it will seamlessly blend in with any conservatory, patio or garden décor.


PHOTO CAPTION: Cast Iron Fork and Spade Thermometers.

Keep track of what temperature it is in your garden with our unusual Cast Iron Fork and Spade Thermometers. These will make a quirky accessory to your patio or garden, whilst giving you a temperature reading. These thermometers are for use outdoors but if desired you could add them to other areas of your home, such as your kitchen or porch.


PHOTO CAPTION: Outdoor Brown Wall Clock with Thermometer and Dial

Keep track of time and add an eye catching feature to your garden or house wall with one of Roman at Home’s outdoor wall clocks. These clocks have been specifically designed for use outdoors and they incorporate a temperature gauge so you can keep track of how warm it is too.


PHOTO CAPTION: Cast Iron Garden Wall Hooks

Our Cast Iron Garden Wall Hooks can be used both inside and outside your home. If used outside you can hang your garden jumper; garden gloves; or garden tools on it, to keep them close to hand – it features long deep hooks, so it is great for storing all different kinds of items. It will also make a decorative accessory to your patio or garden with its stylish design.


PHOTO CAPTION: Cast Iron Welcome Wall Sign

Give your family and friends a warm welcome into your garden with the Cast Iron Welcome Wall Sign. As this sign is made of cast iron it features an aged look, which is very on trend, adding a touch of character to your garden. It incorporates pre-drilled holes so it can easily be mounted on to your chosen wall.


PHOTO CAPTION: Aged Antique Style Metal Plant Climbers

Our Aged Antique Style Metal Plant Climbers can give you a stylish helping hand when trying to grow some plants. They are available in three different sizes so they can be used with different plants and can be placed in different locations in your garden. These plant climbers will work well with our other outdoor accessories as they will add to the aged vintage look. They feature a cute bird perched on the top of each plant climber, creating a bird cage style design.


PHOTO CAPTION: Aged Terra Cotta Wooden Crates with Handle

Add some more plants and flowers to your garden with our Aged Terra Cotta Wooden Crates, which are available in either a four pot or six pot set. The handles allow you to easily move the crates around, which would be ideal for growing herbs, so you can move them from your garden to your kitchen. Whether you have a large or small space, these flower pots will allow anyone to grow some plants and flowers to enjoy in their garden or on their patio.

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