Feel the Love this February

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, here are some unique and personal gift ideas from Roman at Home. They don’t just have to be used on Valentine’s Day either as they make the perfect home accessory additions.

Heart Slate Coasters – £6.00 for a set of four

Enjoy a glass of wine or cup of coffee with Roman at Home’s set of Heart Slate Coasters. They feature a heart shaped cut-out and come in a set of four. These heart coasters come with a piece of rustic string keeping them all held neatly together when not in use. They will look stunning by themselves or presented with the Heart Slate Placemats to offer a complete dining set.

Heart Slate Placemats – £20.00 for a set of four

To complete the look here are the Heart Slate Placemats, which also come in a set of four and feature the heart shaped cut-out in the centre. They are perfect to host a romantic dinner for two on Valentine’s Day. As well as being stylish they are also practical as they can be easily wiped clean and can be stacked in their set and tied with the rustic style rope to be placed neatly in the middle of the table.

Heart Shaped Slate Door Plaque and Chalkboard – Medium, £9.50 or Large, £19.95

Write your loved one a personal message on one of Roman at Home’s Heart Shaped Slate Door Plaque and Chalkboard. This heart shaped chalkboard is shabby chic in its styling with a vintage style string, so you can hang it anywhere in your home – from your door, fireplace or wall. You could give it as a gift this Valentine’s Day with a message written on so it can be kept as a memory and used as a decoration.

Heart Cut-out Slate Chalkboard – £15.00

This heart chalkboard is simple but stylish with a delicate cut-out heart at the top of the chalkboard. This chalkboard can also be given as a gift this Valentine’s Day as you can add a personal message and it will make a handy and stylish wall decoration. It is perfect for making notes and reminders to keep close to hand.
You can view the full Roman at Home slate accessories collection here

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