Father’s Day with Roman at Home

Men’s Society Beard Grooming Kit

Roman at Home has a selection of perfect gifts for Father’s Day on Sunday 18th June 2017.

We have recently introduced a small collection of quirky shaving kits into our gift range – these shaving kits have proved very popular and will make the ideal present for your Dad this Father’s Day.

Men’s Society Stow Away Travel Wash Kit

PHOTO CAPTION: Men’s Society Stow Away Travel Wash Kit

This Stow Away Travel Wash Kit will make the ideal accessory for your Dad when he goes travelling with work or for weekends away. Everything your Dad will need to freshen up on the go is stored in this compact metal tin. It doesn’t have to be used for travelling it is also handy to leave one in your car, gym bag or at work so your Dad can freshen up when needed. It will make your Dad feel great wherever he is!

Included in the Stow Away Men’s Travel Wash Kit:

x1 Toothbrush and toothpaste

x1 Hydrating face cream

x1 Cleansing face wash

x1 Disposable expanding face towels

Men’s Society Beard Grooming Kit

PHOTO CAPTION: Men’s Society Beard Grooming Kit

This beard grooming kit contains everything your dad will need to tidy and groom his beard to make him look damn handsome. All items are stored in a pockets sized gold tin, which makes it handy for your Dad to carry around and for travelling. Whether at home or on the go this Beard Grooming Kit will ensure those whiskers will also look great!

Included in the Beard Grooming Kit:

x1 Beard grooming guide

x1 Beard oil

x1 Moustache wax

x1 Moustache comb and scissors

PHOTO CAPTION: Men’s Society Smooth Operator Shave Set

This smooth operator shave set will ensure your Dad looks great arriving at the airport and stepping off the plane or just going away for the weekend. This natural shave kit contains all that’s needed to remove the stubble after a weekend of no shaving or to maintain a sharp clean shave. This shaving kit is handy when travelling as each product is 50ml so you won’t be stopped at customs.

Included in the Smooth Operator Shave Set:

x1 Cleansing face wash
x1 Soothing shave oil
x1 Post shave balm
x5 Hot cloth face towels

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