Don’t forget to change the clocks this weekend

October 29th 2017 is when the clocks change, do they go forwards or back I hear you ask, well an easy way to remember is spring forward (clocks go forward in springtime) and  fall back (clocks go backwards in fall/autumn). So the clocks go back this weekend, well why not get yourself a new clock instead. We have a lovely range of clocks to suit any decor.

Colourful Jewelled wall clock

Add some colour and sparkle to your wall with the Colourful Jewelled Wall Clock, this wall clock has a metal surround with jewels on it and a clock face in the centre. It is not a massive wall clock or so small you can’t see it, it is just a nice size for any living room, bedroom or even kitchen wall. The colourful jewels make it an eye catching feature for any room.

Silver jewelled wall clock

Or if the colourful jewelled wall clock is a little too bright for you we have a Silver Jewelled Wall Clock with fancy metal swirls coming away from the clock face with little silver jewels on the odd swirl. This clock has a nice bold face so you can see the numbers and pointers from anywhere in the room and the neutral colouring of silver and black will fit with most decor.

Minimalist Retro Clock

Or if you want an unusual retro look clock then our Minimalist Retro Style Wall Clock would be perfect. It is 2 shades of coffee brown colour with big bold numbers 12, 3, 6 and 9 with contrasting white pointers and silver studs on each quarter of the face. This wall clock would look great in a living room, kitchen or even the man cave.

Large Brown Antique style Clock

If you want something a little larger and more rustic looking then our Large Brown Antique Clock would suit your decor. It is a rustic shabby chic design with large bold numbers with a metal stud above or below. The numbers are a rustic grey colour which contrasts well with the brass coloured pointers on the centre of the clock face. This clock is sure to be a talking point amongst guests and would look lovely in the kitchen or living room where everyone can admire it.

And don’t forget to change the clocks Sunday 29th October.

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