Add some shine back to your Bathroom

Keep your bathroom looking sparkly clean with our Ultra Care and Restoration Kit.

Ultra Care


Worried about what guests are really saying about your Bathroom? Keep it looking clean with our Roman Ultra Care and Restoration Kit.

To give your Bathroom a really good scrubbing our restoration kit can restore its shine. It has 3 steps to give your bathroom a deep cleanse and provide ongoing protection.

Step 1 is the Ultra Scrub which removes any horrid looking soap, lime scale and rust marks.

Step 2 is the Ultra Shield which creates a repellent barrier to prevent any grime from sticking making it easier to clean your surfaces.

Step 3 is the Ultra Care which should be used as part of your weekly cleaning to keep your Bathroom looking great.

Roman Ultra Care is a fab way to clean and protect your Bathroom surfaces. It repels the build up of all that nasty grime and lime scale to keep your shower in pristine condition.  When used as part of your weekly cleaning routine it helps to clean and protect from any future build up.

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