Where are all the Easter Eggs?

Planning an Easter Egg hunt but don’t want to go outside, no problem. Plenty of places to hide those eggs in our furniture selection.

Bedside Cabinet

Our Bedside cabinet has a drawer for the little eggs and a cupboard for the big ones.

When not storing Easter eggs it can be used for books, magazines, spare light bulbs for the bedside lamp or even a midnight snack.

Children’s storage unit

In the kid’s playroom hide those eggs in these colourful drawers, plenty of space and if the kids never find them you can enjoy them yourself.

Perfect for baby’s clothes, dummies, spare nappies and when the kids are older perfect for storing all those toys and colouring books.

Laundry bag

Laundry bags are great for hiding unsightly dirty clothes but why not fill them with clean towels and Easter eggs. The kid’s will never find them.

Great for storing laundry or towels and spare blankets for unexpected guests, in a neutral colour to match any decor.


You could try and hide the eggs under the doormat but I’m not sure how that would work, so why not use it to welcome the Easter Egg hunters into your home.

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