Let’s start saving

Our popular money boxes are now back in stock, so let’s get saving. What will you be saving for?

Festival Fund

Festival season will soon be upon us. Have you got your tent? No then start saving for one with the Festival Fund Money Box. Already got a tent, then start saving for everything else you need at a festival, probably an umbrella.

Tattoo Fund

Desperate for some new ink but keep spending all your money. No problem, start saving with this tattoo fund money box.

Unicorn Fund

Have you always wanted a unicorn but could never afford one, start saving with this pretty Unicorn Fund money box. Or use it to save up for some fabulous glittery unicorn accessories.

Beach Holiday Fund

Or maybe Festivals, Tattoos and Unicorns aren’t for you, then start saving for that luxury beach holiday in the sun with the Beach Holiday Fund Money Box.

Our money boxes make lovely gift ideas for everyone, especially if you can’t think what to buy your friends and family.  So start saving!

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