Summer of Tennis

It’s that time of year again, it’s Wimbledon. Let’s serve up some delicious fruit in our fruit baskets and sit back, relax and take a break.

Orange Rack

Serve up some fresh oranges or apples in our Circular Copper Fruit Dispenser or use it to store tennis balls for the kids a great way to keep them entertained and a handy storage solution. Have a go at your own Tennis Tournament, simply put tennis balls in the tubes at the top and then take them from the bottom when it’s your turn to serve like a world class Tennis Player.

Copper Ferris wheel

Display your tennis balls in a fun way on our Copper Ferris wheel; it would certainly be a talking point for guests. When the kids are bored outside, or the rain starts fill the Ferris wheel with cupcakes for everyone to enjoy.  Also great for grownups as it can be used for afternoon tea with scones, cakes and fruit; a great way to set the table.

Slide Dispenser

Keep losing the ball, store them in our copper slide dispenser and ace the grand slam tennis tournament. When the tournament is over fill with apples and oranges to encourage the kids to eat more fruit but don’t forget to cover with a net during hot weather to keep those flies away.

Egg Basket

This egg basket shows storage doesn’t have to be boring, use it for eggs, fruit, and sweets, pretty much anything. Challenge the kids to see how many tennis balls they can fit in it or see how many eggs they can store without causing a smash. A great way to keep them entertained this summer whilst enjoying the tennis.

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