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White Table Cloth & Napkin Ring

Table Linen isn’t just for Christmas

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Last November we had a request from a Wedding Stationery Designer to use our range of table linens and napkin rings in a wedding stationery photography shoot. We supplied a range of our popular white, silver and gold table linens alongside our new Red Tablecloth.

To complement the shoot we also provided the designer with a selection of our silver and gold coloured napkin rings, napkins and a few of our Melt Tall Pillar candles as accessories.

We’ve just got the photos in, and are delighted to showcase them below to highlight the full range of uses table linen can have. Continue reading

Christmas Yorkie Puddings

Christmas Diary, The Big Day.

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At Roman at Home we were fortunate enough to break up for the festive break on the 21st of December. So from the moment I got home all I could think about was the massive task at hand. I must have made my list twice, and checked it three times – I now know how Santa feels with his ‘list’!

I had my Christmas dinner plates all cleaned and now placed safely in the dining room, this was such a relief as my crockery kitchen wall cupboard went on a suicide mission and fell down on the morning of the 23rd. Not quite the way I had the start of my Christmas Holidays planned. Continue reading

Chrsitmas Dinner Plates

Christmas Dinner Diary, 5th Installment: Plates, Puffins & Potatoes

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Today is my penultimate instalment of the Christmas Dinner Diary.

I’ve finally got over the minor chicken disaster of the Trial Run a week ago and have subsequently been practising Yorkshire Pudding recipes all week. I’ve made a batch of 12 nearly every night. The end result is somewhat a hybrid of a Yorkshire Pudding and a Muffin – nicknamed a Yorkshire Puffin in our house. Continue reading

Silver Christmas Tree Napkin Rings

Christmas Dinner Trial Run: 2 Chickens, Yorkies & no Napkins.

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If you read my 3rd instalment of my Christmas 1st Timer Diary then you’ll know that I did a trial run last weekend for my best friend, Sarah and her partner, Barry. Not wanting to leave anything to chance, I decided to do the whole Christmas Dinner with all the trimings, but with a chicken rather than the turkey.

Disaster isn’t close to what I’d call the morning half of Sunday. My oven is a standard small Stoves oven and simply won’t house a large 10lb turkey as well as parsnips, potatoes, pigs n’ blankets, stuffing and croquette potatoes. Continue reading

White and Silver Table Linen Detail

Christmas Diary, 3rd Installment: Recipes & Linen

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This week has been recipe and table linen week in the 3rd installment of the Christmas Diary.

The Food
Roast potatoes, parsnips and all the vegetables are easily taken care of (with a little help from an old secret recipe from my mum and nan). Yorkshire puddings… not traditional with a Roast Christmas Dinner but I’m going the whole hog. I’ve tried a dozen or more pudding recipes. Shelley at work swears by an equal cup of everything (flour, milk and eggs) but that’s always a bit thick and not as airy as I like my Yorkies so I’m opting for a recipe from Jamie Oliver himself; one cup, one cup, one egg. This makes lovely sized puds, which are nice and crispy, with a bit of dough for soaking up that last bit of gravy. Continue reading