A New Year – A New You

So Christmas and New Year now seem like a distant memory. I’m sure those New Year resolutions seemed like a great idea at the time – but have they already been broken? Well one New Year’s resolution you should and still could make is to make more time for yourself…and when better to do this than January?

January is one of those months which most of us are keen to get out of the way: the excitement of Christmas is over, purse strings have been squeezed, the weather is cold and grey and everybody is trying to detox ready for a fresh start to the New Year. So rather than venturing out into the cold, take the opportunity to relax and pamper yourself. Draw a nice hot bath, light some candles, drop in some bubble bath and let your body unwind.

Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

Create a Relaxing Atmosphere

Take some time to give your body the treat it deserves and massage sumptuous body lotions into your skin and combat the dryness caused by the cold outside. Go from room to room and add blissful diffusers to bring a touch of cosiness to your home. And simply take some time out for yourself.

To help combat those tight post-Christmas purse strings, Roman at Home have a January Sale on until 31st January, so pampering yourself will cost a little less.

Roman at Home steps to relaxation:

Pamper yourself with body lotions, bubble baths, soaps and other luxurious toiletries.

Set the mood in your home with beautifully scented candles, room fragrances and diffusers.

Slip out of your day to day clothes, and wrap yourself in luxury with a Roman at Home Luxury Egyptian Cotton Towels and Luxurious Towelling Bath Robe.

Unplug the phone, switch off you mobile, lock the bathroom door and enjoy some essential me-time.

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