Death of the Dinner Table?

An article in today’s Telegraph and on the Daily Mail’s website has got the Roman at Home team thinking about the dinner table. The articles revolve around a study by Carte D’Or which highlights a trend towards people moving away from the dinner table, and instead eating in front of the TV.

Damasks Rooster Placemats by Jason

Damasks Rooster Placemats by Jason

The articles even go on to say that rather than celebrating special occasions with dinner parties, the trend has moved to informal barbecuing. Is this really the death of sit-down dining? Are we now destined to eat all of our dinners in front of the TV? Surely not!

Even Super Nanny has been looking into this and showcases on her new programme how children no longer pick up a knife and fork to eat their school dinners, but simply use a fork as, for want of a better description, a lollypop. Have the younger generation lost the art of using cutlery, due to being plonked in front of the TV?

Roman at Home has decided it’s time to make a stand against TV dinners. We’re joining Bisto in the campaign (Join Bisto’s Aah Nights Pledge) to get the family around the dinner table at least one day a week to enjoy a meal together at a laid table.

And what about dinner parties?

With the popularity of programmes such as Come Dine with me and the new ITV dating version, Dinner Date, one would assume dinner parties, at the least, were still popular. We, at Roman at Home, certainly think a dinner party is a great way to get together with friends and enjoy good company and good food.


Christmas Table Linen

Christmas Table Linen


We’ve got some fantastic table linen, napkins, runners and place settings available, to get your dining table all dressed up in style. There will also be a fabulously festive range launching soon for Christmas 2011…the one time of year where sitting round the table is an absolute must!

One last thought…sitting round a dinner table to eat need not be a rigid formal event, but should be viewed as an opportunity to get together and swap stories. So engage in some conversation and demonstrate your social skills to youngsters so these are passed on. Oh, and please switch off the droning box in the corner and enjoy the company of the real people sat in the room with you. Happy Dining!

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