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If you watch BBC Breakfast, you may have seen an article about a very British Family, who have pledge to only buy British products for a whole year. They have set up a British Family blog  which will document their journey, highlighting the problems they face, whilst also talking about fantastic finds.

This got us all here at Roman at Home talking! This is a topic which is close to our hearts – being a British owned company (and with our parent company, Roman, manufacturing their shower enclosures, trays and bath screens in the UK). We have certainly seen a patriotic trend towards buying British products. With the Royal Wedding, the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympics, this trend has really gathered momentum in the last two years.

In 2012, to celebrate the Olympics and the Diamond Jubilee, we launched our Best of British range. This range included a mix of British Manufactured, British Designed and British Inspired products. One of the issues the British Family have already highlighted on their blog and on the BBC interview was the difficulty in distinguishing products which are made in Britain as the packaging can often be misleading – it is only when looking at the small print they can establish the products’ origins. Within our own Best of British Range we clearly identify where products are simply British Inspired or Designed in Britain, so it is clear for you to see. Where products are made in Britain, we have also include their background story.


Some of our Best Selling ‘Made in Britain’ Products

Here’s a quick run-down of our top 5 products which have been made in Britain:

British Memoboards 5. Our Handmade Memoboards, which have been carefully crafted by Janet Shaw in County Durham. These cleverly feature a Union Jack inspired design.
Welsh Slate Cheeseboard by Michael Caines 4. Our Welsh Slate Cheeseboard by Michael Caines, which proved particularly popular over Christmas.
Jubilee Mug 3. Our Alison Gardiner Diamond Mug, was a favourite in the run up to, and following the Jubilee celebrations.
Welsh Slate Fine Finish Placemats 2. Our Welsh Slate Fine Finish Placemats, by Michael Caines were again a popular choice over the festive period for an extra special dinner table setting.
Slateware Chalkboards 1. Our Slateware by Plain Slate has proven extremely popular, with every design being equally popular.

We will be follow the family’s journey with keen interest and would be interested to hear your thoughts on the Made in Britain debate. Do you have a preference towards buying British? Let us know your thoughts and own experiences by commenting below or e-mailing us at

You can follow the family’s journey on their website:

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