Homemade Snow Globe Stocking Filler Presents

If you want a little creative fun this Christmas then why not have a go at making a homemade snow globe. With a few left over jars, dab of glitter and some glue, among some other items, you can make a dozen snow globes. Here’s how I did it, with some ‘hurdles’ along the way…

shoppinglistShopping List:

  • Several jars with good lids
    I’d recommend salad dip jars for more realistic globes. Then jam/small pickle jars. I did a mixture of globe sizes as you will see.
  • Tubes of glitter
    You want a tablespoon of glitter per jam jar size globe. I bought a mix pack of five colour glitter from Hobby Craft.
  • Distilled water
    I’ll tell you how to make this yourself.
  • Glycerin
    Mine was Boots own brand found in medical supplies.
  • Glue
    I bought hard plastic glue as it was waterproof too.
  • Ornaments
    These have to be waterproof of course. I bought mine from the Craft Company online.
  • Jar Decoration
    Not required, but I used ribbon as you will see.

Other items you will need… to minimise mess more than anything!

  • Dinner Tray
  • Old Newspaper to protect your table when working
  • Kitchen Towels to mop up any spills
  • Teaspoon
  • Washing up liquid…

Step 1 – The Jars

Evening 1 … I collected my jars and matched lids with the jars to make sure they fitted securely. I went for jar lids in gold, white and black as these wouldn’t need painting. Then I soaked them & the lids all in hot soapy water for an hour and cleaned them to be label free. I let them air dry overnight so there would be no cotton specks from tea-towels on the inside.


Step 2 – The Ornaments

Evening 1 … As your ornaments need time to dry, and my glue was a 12 hour setting glue, I did these the same time the jars were soaking overnight. I first placed all my ornaments on the lids and tried them in the jars first to make sure they would all fit and that I had enough. I bought two packs of six cake plastic decoration penguins from the Craft Company online. Along with eight cake decoration plastic trees. It is important to buy plastic decorations so they won’t rust. The two larger blue trees are old plastic Christmas tree decorations. After making sure they all fitted into place, I glued them all down generously, and placed to one side overnight to set.


Step 3 – The Liquid

Evening 2 … this is when I trialled a ‘test’ jar with glitter in it to see how it would ‘go’. This is where I am glad I did a test run, as I came across a glitter clumping issue.

  • Firstly you will need to make distilled water. Simply boil the kettle and carefully let the water cool completely. Then poor the cold distilled water into the neck of the jar.
  • Add ¼ teaspoon of glycerin (I used a whole teaspoon on my first go and it was far too much). Stir with the teaspoon…
  • I then added the glitter. About a tablespoon per jam jar size works well. I let it settle but then realised it had clumped quite a bit.
  • After a bit of internet searching I found out that by adding a tiny water drop size of washing up liquid to the mixture it would break up the clumping and also give a few added bubbles to the globe. Therefore I did.. just a tiny pin drop. Viola. No clumping!
  • I proceeded to then do the rest of the jars.
  • Then paired the jars back up with the correct lids ready for the final step.



Step 4 – Finishing Off


Evening 3 … once all the penguins were glued down and set and the glitter had time to settle I was ready to combine them together to make the finished globe.

  • Firstly I did this on a dinner tray. Thinking if the water leaked out or the seal wasn’t good then the water would be contained on the tray.
  • Simply put a light smidge of the glue round the rim of the inside of the lid (too much and it’ll run down the jar when tightened) and then pop the lid onto the jar. Don’t tip the jar upside down yet as you’ll need 12hours for it to set to the jar.
  • I then finished each jar off with a vintage style ribbon with ‘Let it Snow’ written on it, again from the Craft Company online.


Play this quick video to see our snow globe in full glory… with Pippa the Penguin in side!

Finishing Touches…

I wrapped mine up in some vintage’esk style wrapping paper with vintage the snow ribbon and another ‘Merry Christmas’ ribbon and then topped off with a snow flake themed gift tag. You can give another finishing touch by naming the penguin inside like I did.


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