Roman at Home Baking and Kitchen Utensils Buying Guide

Roman at Home’s kitchen tools are used for preparing, baking, cooking and helping with a variety of tasks in the kitchen. As well as being practical tool for everyday use, they are also stylish, to fit in with your kitchen style and décor. Our baking and cooking essentials make laborious tasks easier and quicker with minimal mess and waste. We hope this buying guide provides you with knowledge and know how on how to use these kitchen essentials.


PHOTO CAPTION: Cream Silicone Pastry Brush

Pastry Brush

A pastry brush is used for glazing pastries and pies prior to cooking and can be used for basting meats and other foods whilst roasting and grilling. Our pastry brushes are made from silicone, which withstands hot fat and oils without melting and features a good firm grip handle.


PHOTO CAPTION: Slate Grey Silicone Spatula 


A very versatile kitchen utensil is the spatula as it can be used to incorporate ingredients together when baking; it can also lift, mix and flip when you are baking or cooking. Our spatula is made from silicone, which provides flexibility, is resistant to heat and won’t damage any non-stick pans or surfaces.


PHOTO CAPTION: Cream Silicone Traditional Cooks Spoon

Traditional Cooks Spoon

Our traditional cook’s spoon can be used for a variety of tasks including stirring, mixing, pouring and serving. It is made out of silicone, so can be used with non-stick pans without causing damage and is heat resistant.


PHOTO CAPTION: Slate Grey Silicone Spatula Spoon

Spatula Spoon

Our Spatula Spoon is a mix between our spatula and our traditional cooks spoon and can be used for many purposes when baking or cooking. It is perfect for stir frying, scraping bowls, serving food from a pan into bowls and it comes in handy for many other things. It is silicone so can be freely used with non-stick pans and is importantly heat resistant.


PHOTO CAPTION: Cream Silicone Kitchen Tongs 


Kitchen tongs are a two tonged utensil with a hinged end, so they are like a giant pair of tweezers. They can be used for turning and picking up food and can also be used to serve food. Our kitchen tongs have silicone heads, so they can be used with non-stick pans and surfaces. The head of kitchen tongs are designed to make picking up difficult objects easier.


PHOTO CAPTION: Slate Grey Silicone Slotted Turner


Our turner is a wide tool with slots and they are used to slide under food and they are ideal to flip food when cooking or to lift steaks for example from a pan. Our turner has a good grip and it can be used at high temperatures. It is made from silicone, which makes it non-stick pan and surface friendly.


All of our kitchen utensils are made from silicone, which is becoming more and more important in the modern kitchen. All of the above utensils can be bought in either cream or slate grey. Silicone is popular as it is heat resistant and is also hard wearing and won’t stain like wood does. Silicone is soft and flexible, which makes it perfect to use on non-stick pans and surfaces.

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