It’s time to start saving..

Are you in need of a holiday, maybe heading to University or just want to save up and buy yourself a Unicorn. Roman at Home has the perfect Money box whatever you’re saving for.

University Fund

Are you heading to University or know someone who is, this money box would be great to start saving up for your course, accommodation or nights out with friends. The money box would make a great gift for someone who is eager to go to university and would be a helping hand to start saving all those pennies. The money box has the text ‘future university fund’ on the front and is shaped like a suitcase, place this in the centre of your home so everyone will know what you are saving up for and may even chip in. Once the money box is full simply remove the back panel and spend spend spend.

Tattoo Fund

Are you planning on getting inked soon or know someone who is looking to get a tattoo? Start saving up for your next tattoo with our tattoo fund money box, the money box has a detailed tattoo design on the front with the words ‘tattoo fund’ underneath so you know exactly what your saving up for. This money box would make a great gift for someone planning on getting a tattoo as it encourages them to start saving for their next ink.

Unicorn Fund

Do you want to buy a unicorn or something special, start saving with the Unicorn Fund Money Box, a great way to save up those extra pennies. This would make a great gift for a young girl who wants to save up her pocket money for something special. It has a cute unicorn design with a brightly coloured mane and stars in the background and would make a great addition to a young girl’s bedroom. When the time comes to buy the unicorn simply remove the back panel to access the money.


Travelling Money Saving box

Do you want to travel the world? Start saving for your trip with our Travelling money box, it is a tall slim design with an aeroplane and various countries listed on the front. Save up and you could travel to that dream place you have always wanted to go. If you know someone who would love to travel but needs a helping hand this money box would be a great gift to get them started.

Retirement money box

Do you need a fun gift for your parents? This Early retirement fund money box would be a great gift for someone looking to save early for their retirement plans. So whether you plan on lots of holidays, maybe sprucing up the house for the grandkids or just splashing out on yourselves this money box would be a great addition and with its neutral colours will match any room in the home. When you’re ready to splash some cash simply remove the back panel to access your fund.

Roman at Home has various money box designs which would make a great gift for all family and friends. Check out the website for other designs.

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