Have you got all your University essentials yet

Don’t forget all your essentials when going to University, here are some items which could be quite useful for someone starting university this year.


Make sure you have your luxuriously soft towels from Roman at Home, available in Cream, White, Blue and Latte. We have Bath sheets available in white and cream which are perfect for wrapping yourself up straight out of the shower; we have bath towels and hand towels available in all colours to match any dorm decor. Our towels are super thick, highly absorbent and will survive numerous washes, be sure to hide them from your roommates.


Beard Kits 

For the guys who need to keep their beard in check we have various men’s grooming essentials perfect for those fresher’s parties. We have a beard grooming kit with all the essentials to keep your beard in check like beard oil, moustache comb and moustache wax. For those who like to stay out and party we have a travel wash kit which includes a toothbrush and toothpaste, face wash and face towel, handy to keep in your pocket if you don’t return back to your dorm.


Laundry Bags

Don’t forget the laundry bag for dragging your laundry to the washroom; we have various different styles and colours to suit your needs. Our laundry bags fold up when not in use and have handy carry handles for easy transportation. Our laundry bags are available in green, pink,  blue, black and floral design and have plenty of space for your laundry whether that’s for you to wash yourself or take it home to get the parents to wash it.

Kitchen essentials

Don’t forget the kitchen essentials like your silicone cookware, tea towels and oven gloves. We have silicone spoons, spatulas and tongs which are very useful for the morning breakfast or cooking meals available in grey or cream. We have a range of fun and practical tea towels for those who are off to university including our twitter bird design details with hashtags and brightly coloured birds and our chicken design makes drying the dishes less boring. Don’t forget the oven gloves for taking out those tasty meals from the oven, we have silicone oven gloves available in chicken, dog and cat design or we have quilted cotton oven gloves available in a wine glass design; the perfect addition to any kitchen.


Stylish Clocks

For those of you who are always late or don’t keep a check on the time we have our colourful jewelled wall clock which would instantly add style to any uni dorm or apartment. Hang our wall clock on your wall where you can see it regularly do you never lose track of time and don’t miss a lecture. We also have a silver jewelled wall clock for those who want a simpler less bold design that still looks fabulous.

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