It’s time to do the Laundry

Tired of the kids throwing their laundry on the floor, add a stylish laundry basket to your bathroom.

Metal Folding Laundry Bag

Keep dirty laundry hidden with this neutral laundry bag. Great for the bathroom as it can be folded neatly out of sight when not in use.

White Folding Laundry Bag

Add a touch of colour to your Bathroom or Bedroom with this Black and White Laundry Bag, it even has a handy cover to keep laundry covered.

Double Laundry Bag

Tired of having to separate the laundry, keep getting pink socks when you wash your whites. This Laundry basket will keep your laundry separated and organised (if the kids can tell which is which).

Cream Linen Basket 

If you have lots of laundry every week, all the football kits, work clothes, ballet outfits, even the dogs coat then this laundry basket is great. It is a large size and has handy handles on the side so you can carry your washing easily.

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